Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Germany outlaws circumcision. Is this a victory?

According to this story, German courts have banned infant circumcision because the, "fundamental right of the child to bodily integrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents." The procedure has not been completely banned in the country. Boys may decide for themselves later in life if they want to have the procedure done. It also can still be performed if deemed medically necessary.

While, to most atheists, and anyone with a heart and mind of their own, this should seem like a victory over religious barbarism. Unfortunately, we all know just how deeply religion has its diseased talons buried into people and just how infections that disease is as it courses through their veins. There is a sad amount of evidence from other situations that many people are willing to go beyond the law to preserve the cruelty of their faith.

Consider female genital mutilation, which is illegal in the United Kingdom. However, every year hundreds of British girls are genitally mutilated. How do they get around it? Travel or duck. During long school holidays, parents are known to send their girls off to places where the procedure is legal.

What's that, sweety? You want a pony for your birthday? Ok, but he'll have to be made of cotton!

What's to stop parents from doing the same to boys? Worse, since male circumcision can still be performed when a boy has "decided on his own" that he "wants" it done, what's to stop families and communities from pressuring boys into it? There are hundreds of ways to brainwash people into doing crazy things with a few simple tricks. Just like with female genital mutilation, advocates will manipulate scientific data to claim circumcised people are healthier, more sane, do better in school, are more sexually appealing, have MORE sexual arousal, are cleaner, etc., etc. until they have you believing you'd be cruel to deny a child all of these advantages in life.

By the way, at what point is a boy legally and developmentally old enough to decide he wants his cock chopped up?

There is no way that passing a simple law will protect victims from this act barbarism. It will just go into the back alleys and become even more dangerous and damaging. While it is still important to fight against this unnecessary act of cruelty, it must be done by information and not by force. Just like with anything else in life, if you want to influence someone, you have to make them think your idea was theirs all along. Beating them over the head with it usually makes them resist twice as hard. While, as a controversial and provocative topic, it's hard for many of us not to resort to head bashing when we discuss our thoughts on genital mutilation with others, as Maya Angelou said, "People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

On the bright side, since circumcision will still be legal for medical reasons, in order to keep cutting, people will be lining up to admit that religion is a mental illness. Pin It

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  1. One can no more forbid the circumcision of minors than one can forbid recreational drug use.
    In France, hundreds of thousands of Moslem boys have been circumcised at taxpayer expense after doctors make a phony diagnosis of "phimosis."

    Drugs will fade away when young people decide that they are not cool. Likewise, circumcision will fade away in the First World when young people decide that circumcised is ugly, uncool, and tends to detract from sex.

    The foreskin has become a fashion item, and women decide what's in fashion. English speaking mothers decided around 1900 that making the penis bald 24/7 at birth was cool and in the interests of a boy, the man he will become, and society as a whole. What goes out of fashion can always come back into fashion, It appears that American and Canadian women under 40 years of age are deciding that the Long Sleeve on the Short Arm is cool after all.

    This social change is creating a bit of a dilemma for North American Jewish and well educated Moslem families.

    It is very very important that women who are in the vanguard of this social change use the internet to reveal their preferences. I have noticed that pro-cutters never dare argue with women who reveal that they have been intimate with both kinds of penis and prefer nature's design.